Here is some feedback we have received from our customers:

"Thank you for everything.  Our experience couldn't have been better!  We are very happy with the crew that worked here.  Excellent job.  They did exactly what you said they would.  First class logging company."

Fred and Jeanette Burke, Washburn County, Wisconsin

"Thank you Ken for reviewing everything and verifying that the sale has been settled. We were very pleased with the outcome. You gave us a conservative estimate in the beginning which is a good way to go. At one point I became alarmed after one of the loggers said that the price of lumber was so low. I thought we might easily get less than what you quoted. It was a relief when Kyle said that prices quoted in the proposal were firm. We were very surprised and pleased at how the final return exceeded our hopes. The crew in the west lot did a very good job. I could tell they saved many saplings and that area is greening up very nicely. One neighbor in that area expressed great appreciation that we kept an uncut border. We did not know it at the time but neighbors were concerned that we were cutting it all and were going to develop it. The crew in the south lot did a very good job also. A neighbor who logs a lot in his free time inspected the woods and said so. I was concerned that too much had been thinned out very near one neighbor but she cheerfully agreed recently that area had also greened up very nicely. Thanks again."

Jim L., Chippewa County, Wisconsin

"Lake States Timber is performing a valuable service for private landowners. I am satisfied with the first cutting and the effort to complete the first 80 acre parcel and then to finish the 18 acre parcel when weather allowed."

Eldon Liebzeit, Clark County, Wisconsin

"Lake States Timber recently set up and harvest my MFL timber sale.  Their logging crew was friendly, very accommodating at addressing my questions and concerns, and really seemed to care about how they left the woods when they were done.  I would definitely hire them again."  

Ron Risler, Eau Claire County, Wisconsin

"I have used Ken McIntyre and Lake States Timber's logging crew to harvest my timber several times in the past.  Ken is very helpful, offers sound Forestry advice, and their crew does a terrific job cutting the wood.  My experiences have all been positive."

Bob Dombrowski, Sawyer County, Wisconsin

"What I really liked about Lake States Timber and Ken McIntyre is that I could count on them to do the job when they said they were going to.  I have had bad experience with other timber companies continuing to postpone the harvest but not with Ken and staff.  Also, when I wanted to talk to the owner, Ken, he was always reachable and friendly.  It appears to be a well run classy company."  

Michael Benrud, Eau Claire County, Wisconsin